Saturday, April 02, 2005

Let the truth be told

I have been using computers since the IBM XT and the Compaq, "suitcase" in the archaeology of New Amsterdam in NYC until the present, even in close-range photogrammetry by Rollei, after the Canadian forensics team was yelled at for a US crash in Gander, Newfoundland, got covered in a blizzard. (Note: their MR2 software came from the Brunswick, Germany factory in 1990 or so with a "blackjack" virus. They have become employee owned, partnered with Samsung of Korea since). I had the opportunity from my phone line in the Bronx, NY to gather some old recordings from Morpheus and thought some had come either directly from vinyl or off the radio, (The FUGS, Brewer and Shipley, etc.) well one day as I was contemplating Congressman Berman of California's proposal to allow hacking and destroying "copyrighter" content using hacking, which the industry spends millions to prevent, I got an "axon-b" virus variant, that destroyed all my songs, some authored by a musician friend, and the statement "I also fxxked the RIAA" leaving only the album "art" files that Microsoft player collects off the Internet for titles. I hope it wasn't a test of Lord Berman's kung fu. (Note: majorgeeks said they thought it may have come from a "worm".)

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