Friday, April 29, 2005

GQ slideshow of Iraq from soldiers in-the-field

Twenty years ago I surveyed Fort Drum, NY for archaeology, for the relocation of the US Army 10th Mountain Division, the one, former Senator Dole and Presidential candidate, was wounded in in Italy. It was moving from the Rocky Mountains, Camp Hale (Hale regretted he had only one life to lose for his country, before he was hung by the British Army in America, though many say "give") to the former active fire ranges in NY, where A-10 "Warthogs" tank-killers, practiced while we dug holes nearby. What a transformation! We went from Huey's to Blackhawks, Jeeps to Humvees, various tanks (Fort Knox "yanks in tanks" practiced there before meeting the "faux" Russian "phantom menace" at Fort Irwin in the California desert, who always won its said) to the Abrams M-1, Bradley vehicles (NYer Tim McVeigh, executed for the murder of six Federal agents in the Oklahoma City bombing, was a commander of one in "Desert Storm," the prequel to the war) laser M-16 practice shots disabling a tank, etc. I completed the survey under the field direction of a Delaware resident whose grandfather she said invented "Kevlar" used to "bulletproof" things and people and used to sew welders gloves. The company Envirosphere, a division of Ebasco, a Texas power plant builder, was then occupying five upper floors of the World Trade Center, taken down on 9/11/01, though they had relocated to South Orange, NJ for what it's worth. These GQ and other photos of the war show, that although we as an invading force (still I think over the Kuwaiti sucking Iraqi oil out from under their border, a line drawn in the sand by the British in the 1920's) appear bizarre even to me, are the same people often asked to fight for Presidential policies, often obscure, and in this case, perhaps, family held (among the Bushes). Germs, warfare In war, not all wounds are caused by bombs and bullets

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