Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Posted at Histarch today

"Ground Zero" - I am still in a mild state of shock from the aircrash events of September and November 2001 here in NYC, working for a company once in the archaeology of Fort Drum, NY in the World Trade Center and at the time for Panamerican Consultants in historic Bridgewater, NJ and Picatinney Arsenal. I hope offense was not taken in this reference, speculation as to the November 2001 crash of mostly Dominican-Americans, widely, to perhaps have been the fault of following to closely behind the JAL (Japanese airline) taking off in front of it. We were working next to a model airplane field in a local drought next to the Raritan River. This definition online for "ground zero" appears unbiased and pretty accurate: http://www.worldwidewords.org/qa/qa-gro3.htm "World Wide Words is copyright © Michael Quinion, 1996–2005. All rights reserved. Contact the author for reproduction requests. Comments and feedback are always welcome Page created 24 November 2001." I didn't mention it there, but the day anthrax was discovered in our mails, I was working for Panamerican at West Point Academy, in West Point, NY. In fact I got pulled over for speeding in Highland Falls, NY after I go between a speeder and the policecar behind him on the way to the "Pointers Echo" where we were staying until I got canned for a previous reservation for a weekend football game at "Buffalo Soldiers Field" there. If I hadn't worked there before, just below Fort Montgomery (literally the fort) and the Bear Mountain Bridge, also literally, on a couple of Hudson River sloop wrecks found tidally today in the background of the "Halve Moone" replica photo of 1936, and that Fort Montgomery just opened as a NY State Historic Park, excavated over the years it is said by a Bear Mountain employee, I might have lost my cool.

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