Thursday, March 31, 2005

BAGnewsNotes: Getting Between The Point And The View / Your Turn: The Shrine

I was in the "notorious junk bond" dealers, the "Pep Boys" franchise shop having my car repaired and reading the magazines, they had the original "Low Rider" issue. In it, beyond the statement of purpose, was some of the politics of the day. The Vietnam "war" (never declared by Congress, I was once about to be drafted into) article had that, as someone had obtained the info, not available to the public, that a disproportionate number of Mexican-Americans were dying there, there was protest along those lines by Americans who wanted to know "why". This image to me refers back to the same question. I attended Newfield H.S., in a "blue collar bedroom community" which, according to my "leaked" source, had the first JROTC Marines in the USA, the US Army one in CT, (in Paul McCartney's managers town, maybe we had the "Brooklyn Bridge") and the Navy and Air Force on the West Coast. "Defense Monitor" reported 20,000 of them now, in mostly poor schools, and at $1 billion a year, it asked "Are they worth it"? before going off the air. As a relation of a TV news producer who had his "common soldiers" view of Vietnam, stopped by "higher ups" (according to Edwin Newman, who read the letter written to his crew there, at his eulogy in the United Nations Chapel, he last "covered" the both US conventions of 1976 for CBS, and had died in Mexico) I too would like to know if certain types of people (like the Japanese-Americans lost disproportionately to the Texans they saved in the WWII "Battle of the Bulge") or troops are being asked to serve.

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