Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Academy Awards 2005

From: "George J. Myers, Jr." Date: Tue Mar 1, 2005 4:38 pm Subject: Re: Fwd: finbacks , ferries and wrong terns (2005) I would like to thank the members of the Academy for giving an award (years ago) in makeup for "Dick Tracy" to my friend and fellow "Zum Zum" worker (the Bavarian fast-food franchise owner, was a part-owner of the "Four Seasons" and friend of 4 of the 5 NYC District Attorney's, trolling for former crooked FBI agents in the NY State Liquor Commission over the "Hell and Dunkel" [light and dark beer, Hellgate in NY where the water always "foamed"] we never served at the Mall, I thought he said. Sold out to Dunkin Donuts now a clock store), Douglas Drexler, now a Senior Illustrator at the Star Trek franchise "Enterprise". It's was "like butter" getting that close to Madonna ("Breathless Mahoney") in that region of space called deedee deedee deedee deedee, the Twilight Zone...where brains (or weir brains, where?) and rain kept "Seattle Slew" in mares. Tell you the truth I was watching "Gangs of New York" during the awards on Encore. Sense of humor they have on cable huh?

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