Thursday, August 02, 2012

The Alabama Escapes

The clandestine construction led to Great Britain paying ~ $20 million in Switzerland, I read, perhaps one of the first international reparations there. They had also built a class of "Scorpion" ships for the Confederacy, stopped, led to the modern British battleship. I was told while we were excavating the "Parrott platform" in Cold Spring, NY (used in the "Swamp Angel") then President Lincoln might have threatened GB with a 20 or so vessel fleet of "Alligator" submarines, the first recently sought by the NOAA, lost off North Carolina in a stormy tow. Not too far-fetched given it was ordered up the Appomattox River, stopped by very low water, perhaps in a regional drought? Admiral Cornwallis was once ordered by King George to sail up the Bronx River to beat the rebels in White Plains. A fleet of canoes I think was never built. Maybe it was dry then too?    

NY Times Opinionator

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