Sunday, June 24, 2012

Burt's Bees Creator Roxanne Quimby Fights for America's Newest National Park

Since a part of my family is from Grand Manan Island, NB, and we used to spend some summers there I have also had the opportunity to, by van and train, to be in the Maine North Woods. They are beautiful and a part of our American legacy written by Henry David Thoreau. More well known for his living by Massachusetts' Walden Pond, one might argue, his inspiration came from his travels in the White Mountains in New Hampshire and Mt Katahdin in Maine (Wikipedia). I've vacationed near Lake Winnepeasauki, NH ("Smile of the Great Spirit") in the foothills of the US NPS administered White Mountains and believe that the benefits outweigh any troubles, especially compared to the 1930s Fourth of July logging train fire that burned thousands of White Mountain acres, in the southern Presidential Range. They should have given that train the day off! And what a wonderful place the Maine North Woods are and the people nearby. Our neighbors in Quebec and New Brunswick, one might argue, would be attracted to time in a US National Park, the start (or finish) of the Appalachian Trail, through the East Coast's highlands.


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