Friday, May 04, 2012

Comment: NY Times "Disunion" Italy's Own Lost Cause

"Location, location, location" it's sometimes said. A great hero of Italy Giuseppe Garibaldi, who once lived on Staten Island, a museum there, was offered a role by Lincoln in the Civil War but "According to Italian historian Petacco, "Garibaldi was ready to accept Lincoln's 1862 offer but on one condition: that the war's objective be declared as the abolition of slavery. But at that stage Lincoln was unwilling to make such a statement lest he worsen an agricultural crisis." - Wikipedia. Also the so-called first Catholic church in the Hudson Valley is located in Cold Spring, NY where the West Point Foundry was that produced many of the munitions and rifled cannons used in the Civil War. One test firing damaged the church, which the US government had to repair, the first in its history. A blessing of the fleet occurs there at the waterside. NY Times: Opinionator: Italy's Own Lost Cause

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