Friday, May 20, 2011

Chicago Sun-Times: Our far flung correspondents

Lars von Trier and the Antichrist

Pablo Villaça in Brazil

Comment: Bom dia! (Good day! 'carioca', "Rio" Portuguese) An excellent analysis i thought and think the decision to ban any film-maker absurd. Years ago in Buffalo, NY there was a "Hollywood of the East" and invited many, held classes and many screenings were shown around the city as I recall. There were Brazilians there to show their films, one I recall about the "loss" of the plantation system, another a projectionist showed his master thesis to me on the portrayal of "blacks" in American cinema, and dare say "blaxploitation" a term I had not been familiar with before he went off, having found a job on Times Square. I've read Brazilians as a block are NYC's greatest number of tourists, and after a screening of "Bambi Meets Godzilla" (not the opposite) and "Apocalypse Now" enjoyed 'feijoada', a simmered bean-and-meat dish in a nearby Brazilian-American restaurant with an African-American archaeologist.
Has Cannes turned stupid? About the same time artist-film-maker Paul Sharits, a theater space now in his name in Buffalo, NY, invited to Cannes, confided to me he would not go, because he did not like how Americans were being treated. It should not have any "favorites" and show tolerance by not providing unintended consequences. After all Sigmund Freud had a painting of Adolf Hitler's on the wall in his office!

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