Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Victims' families observe OKC bombing anniversary - msnbc

McVeigh also came from a part of New York that had seen zealotry in the 19th century, some burning barns or so accused over religion. I also find it odd that the loose ends some eyewitnesses had seen, i.e., at the motel meetings, were not considered further. He had been a Bradley commander, which I once saw the brochures for back in 1983 doing the preliminary archaeology survey of Fort Drum, NY before the relocation and cantonment of the US Army 10th Mountain Division from Camp Hale in Colorado. It created a permanent base for 7000+ where before it was used for National Guard week ends and US Army winter training along with stationary live fire of tanks and artillery and A-10 Warthog range firing accompanied by F-4s. It had had four early 19th century bog iron foundries making railroad wheels and axles and various "cheese factories" about 10,000 people said moved off after WWII as Pine Camp expanded into Fort Drum. McVeigh had trained in the new strategy of war, where before infantry was reluctant to go out in front of tanks, following behind, the Bradley would do the job and did in Iraq, though sometimes the target of helicopter "friendly fire" it was reported.

I just hope if there is more to it, we might know it. I think he should not have been granted his request on principle. Comment link

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