Thursday, April 21, 2011

On reading “South Street Seaport Museum Sinking Fast..." – Huffington Post

Maybe there should be an independent investigation. The Rouse Corporatio­n began with the "Inner Harbor" project in Baltimore, MD in the 1980s which has had a beneficial effect on that city. The museum 's "satellite­" is no longer at 17 State Street where there was "New York Unearthed" an active site for the preservati­on and depiction of the archaeolog­y of New York City, where then US Custom's agent Herman Melville, once lived and presumably wrote. Once the original site for the World Trade Center, fought off over the history and aims of preservati­on in NYC, it deserves the City's support, perhaps as a public department­.

I heard they were renaming it to the Seaport Museum of New York City. There was also talk of "the return" of the "Peking" to Germany, where it's originally from. I thought the alliance of the Mariners' Museum, in Newport News, Virginia with them was supposed to be a win-win? Exhibit space and collection­s shared to both, advantages­. I worked with Gordon Watts, Ph.D. on the EPA's archaeology for the remediatio­n in Cold Spring, NY, he had found the "USS Monitor" on a state sponsored survey, built by a consortium in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Prior we had cannons and a ship hulk found in the constructi­on outside the Seaport Historic District which have been conserved to some degree. The US National Maritime Historical Society is just up the Hudson River in Peekskill, NY and three maritime academies nearby, Kings Point, and the Webb Institute, on Long Island, and SUNY Maritime College at Fort Schuyler, in the Bronx. It would be a shame to see the Seaport flounder and die in a real estate conspiracy­, i.e., no longer a Fulton Fish Market. Donald Trump once announced 'the world's tallest building" going up on the waterfront nearby but the East River water stanchions could not be protected from terrorists so a no go. Robert David Lion Gardiner, last "lord of the Gardiners Island Manor" who once served on the USS Princeton, felt sorry for Mr. Trump, very leveraged.

Original article is in the Huffington Post. Interesting Governors Island blog where they found a calico cat washed over from New Jersey reported by Fox News in NYC this morning. Yesterday it was skateboarding dogs!

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