Friday, December 10, 2010

Elimination of Loopholes for Pentagon Contractors Could Create Thousands of Jobs

This should be an important step. That long ago, 21 years, I'd heard for example that two companies, EDO (radar and sonar) and astronaut Neil Armstrong'­s company (antennas for satellites­) had to join together to even get close to the minimums needed to bid on defense contracts, where large conglomera­tes of former large companies rule in the bidding. Where there were once a number of contractor­s, in other words there are only five or so that have the receipts to be in on the bidding a "Catch 22" as defined. "Small business" set-a-side­s at most have been only at the 5% of those contracts awarded said to also be to "women and minority run" businesses­. A moratorium on them in NYC government was enacted just before 9/11, where it's been proposed that if a bid by a locally based company is within 5% of the "out-of-to­wner" bid it, it would go to the local business. The same federal government agency however was thwarted in obtaining the records of the former VP Cheney's meeting with energy suppliers by the former President Bush, who claims "I'm not a lawyer". Let's hope it works, they used to open the books on demand.
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