Monday, November 22, 2010

Astronomy Domine

Should I join the Planetary Society? (How is your astronomy club ran?)

As a member I won a T-shirt for knowing the two astronauts with the longest records for duration in orbit. I never saw it however. But that's one of the benefits the "Trivia" contest! But seriously, as Arthur C. Clarke, the inventor of the satellite (and look what he got...) warned, the proliferation of communications satellite could actually result, not in more communications between nations and peoples, but a "Tower of Babel" each selectively reinforcing territories and language. I see the Planetary Society, and indirectly NASA, as an extension of the human effort into space, where we share that wonder of the heavens and the information that leads to better scientific developments that help humanity, not hurt it. So its an "idea" kind of benefit, if you will. And the "twitter" updates are exciting and informative, there's even some live online classes in image processing that can be done "earth cheap"!

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