Friday, October 15, 2010

Poll: Should individuals have property rights on the moon?

Chang'e 2 is on its way to the Moon, a success launched by China. It will fly as low as 15km mapping the Moon for a future landing. If and when humans actually process natural resources there, an international "federation" should be set-up to oversee unintended consequences. For example, "moonmarks" of previous efforts by other nations should be respected, the landing sites covered under treaty, and the possible failures also protected as "peace graves" or other criteria. Also any trade in artifacts from the Moon should be well-regulated, on an international register, perhaps, or the artifacts will be considered outlawed and subject to seizure by Interpol. The United Nations would take an active role, and we could stand there, at the Russian sculpture made from a disassembled ICBM, and dream to visit our Earth's companion and fellow travelers in our Solar System.

Polldaddy Are they thinking what you’re thinking?

NASA Embraces Commercial Lunar Explorers and Becomes Customer of Google Lunar X PRIZE Competitor

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