Tuesday, August 31, 2010

West Point Military Academy Published Twain’s “1601”

I was just checking my Spacejock software “yRead3” from Australia, which hooks up to Project Gutenberg, providing free world famous books and texts read by “Microsoft Anna” if you have Windows 7 (or others in earlier Windows OS) and having read the Wikipedia entry on Chaucer, “the Miller told his tale” not the mirror, and other forms of satire, came across this “[Date: 1601.] Conversation, as it was the Social Fireside, in the Time of the Tudors“ or just "1601” (1601 (Mark Twain)Wikipedia) and thought to hear and read it in yRead3. Not available in the yRead3 catalogue generated, the Wikipedia entry supplies a hyperlink to it, and I downloaded it in plain text and loaded it into yRead3. Well, I was quite surprised given the history of censorship cited in the Wikipedia reference, to find that it was first printed by a Lieutenant Wood at the West Point Military Academy and distributed to many kings and queens and became quite popular. The introduction to “1601” is very interesting, provided by Project Gutenberg here in different formats.

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