Thursday, March 04, 2010

A 72-Hour Campaign for Climate Action

"Environmental groups fight wind farms because of birds or 'sight pollution'." In the Vermont case on Federal National Forest property, the questions were 1) why not on private property 2) to replace the current ridgeline windfarm, above the early snowline, with taller than "Statue of Liberty" ones that would only be there for at most 30 years then torn down and their bases left as the orginal EIS states and 3) the energy that might not even be used inside Vermont, unlike some of the forward thinking ski resorts who have built their own in some places. Besides the birds and the bats also bears prefer the trees there for browsing in the orginal study not found in many other places nearby. I also saw a catamount track (a name for various mountain cats) in the light snow while on survey.
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