Friday, December 25, 2009

Bush Intentionally Let Osama bin Laden Escape, Asserts Congressman Hinchey

Comment: We also seem to be arguing over the post-Nuremberg results that decisions by military people or others be made with respect to human conventions. A majority of 9/11 co-conspirators, the US warned about by German intelligence as I remember, acted to attack United States' symbols of military and industrial complexity, and in the case of the Pentagon, that section still being upgraded to be "bulletproof" to which, we might ask why to both? According to the Pentagon, in the first coalition invasion, which I've read we were to be reimbursed for as much as $80 billion, we lost as much as $1.5 billion "on the beach" where war materials were mis-managed (or as little as $750 million) that the new RFID tags might have kept track of, sealed containers of which the info was lost to describe them and the location thereby "worthless" stated while an innovation award was given inside the military industrial complex for its new RFID development, "tags" with descriptions and active GPS locations. Well, at least we can find new ones now!

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