Thursday, October 15, 2009

Forget GQ's top 50, this is CQ! - First Read -

Forget GQ's top 50, this is CQ! - First Read -

George B. Cortelyou who held Cabinet posts under Pres. McKinley and after climbing down and a series of buckboard rides through the Adirondacks at night to the North Creek, NY railhead, President Theodore Roosevelt. An article in the National Archives journal states he was the first "White House Press Secretary" when he invited the press in to tell about McKinley's condition, he was expected to recover from the shot at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, NY, which maybe was meant for Mr. Cortelyou, he had averted an economic depression by making the price of a loaf of bread from 5 cents to 10 as Sec. of the Treasury. Appointed Postmaster General, under Roosevelt, it would not stop there and well look at the cost of a postage stamp now! Once a shorthand teacher in NYC and early CEO of ConEdison, while Chairman of the Republican Party he must have kept all his own dictation in shorthand because no one seems to have heard or written about him, and as an introducer of conservation measures in the US, I think him one of the important overlooked "50".

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Note: his mother Rose Seery had a sister Ellen Seery who was married to Peter A. Myers, whose son, my grandfather, was Joseph Myers. My dad, George, was the youngest of eleven of Joseph and Margaret (nee Gregory) Myers. Apparently grandpa Joseph was a Reform Democrat and did not get along with the Chairman!

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