Monday, August 03, 2009

Newsvine - Group wants probe of contractor role in renditions

The "shanghai" of citizens of other countries was one of the issues we fought the War of 1812 over, the taking of seamen from our ships to be used in the British Navy, besides the invasion of Canada that led to the burning of the White House and the fall of Baltimore, MD. I cannot see how the "ideology" of America is served by the clandestine purchase of over 20 jets and the imprisonment, in some cases suspects paid for from informants, without due process or anything remotely like a trial. I've also seen the so-called "observations" of "dangerous" people in our own hemisphere, John Lennon on the Stony Brook University, NY campus and info obtained under either the FOIA or the FOIL (in NY) of another working for archaeologists in Puerto Rico, and quite frankly, in both cases, the persons watching should have had sobriety tests, in my opinion. Waving money around, or I've read recently, putting phone numbers on American cigarette packs to call for info about turning in "insurgents" reminds me a bit of how badly the leaflets were dropped in Somalia which translated "We are here to enslave you" due to the screw-up in intelligence and translation it was reported in the American press. This again is another example of Republicans complaining about the "War Powers Act" as used by Democrats and when in office pushing them to the limits, after running for office on the promised limitations of such acts. Where is the oversite? Former President Bush in the first term stated the VP was in rights to keep his high-level meeting secret with the energy industry and I guess that's where it started, everything else too, secret, even from the Executive branch's own budgetary review agency, and above subpoena by the Office of Management and Budget, the OMB. I hope this investigation continues for our own ethics and safety and because it is in violation of other nation's law, one, Ireland whose citizens who wore black shamrocks the Easter it "caught" the US flying through its airports in "extraordinary rendition".
Newsvine - Group wants probe of contractor role in renditions
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