Friday, July 31, 2009

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It’s interesting, a panorama of the city, is stated to have been the first art museum or exhibit in the 18th century in New York City, though one stood in it. It stood near northeast corner of City Hall Park and one could see the cityscape in the round by entering the building I recall not too far from this. It was said to inspire P.T. Barnum, who replaced it with his own idea of entertaining the public before moving to a larger location. Today, near the statue of Horace Greeley and a small monument to Joseph Pulitzer, (across the street, “Newspaper Row”) is another monument I recall, working in the archaeology of the “First Almshouse” cemetery, also once under the city Commons, is an American Engineering monument to the “first fine art museum” in NYC, the city depicted in the round.
Showcase: Sight/Site - Lens Blog -
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