Wednesday, June 10, 2009

North Korean Court Sentences US Journalists to 12 Years Hard Labor

Laura Ling’s sister, Lisa Ling, a well-known journalist covering controversial and complicated issues interviewed a North Korean family I recall. She was in their apartment and discussed the days of conflict that were before I was born. I had a cousin, however, and uncle who served there. The cousin, an Army captain went on to direct “Huntley and Brinkley” news and a friend of Edwin Newman who knew him as an award-winning news producer (”Vanishing Americans” natives in the US), who started cutting and splicing film for the Signal Corps in NYC after Korea. Mr. Newman read a letter at George Murray’s eulogy held in the U.N. Chapel, Mr. Murray had died in Mexico City, his wife an Avon cosmetics exec introducing that product there. He read a letter Mr. Murray had to send to Vietnam canceling the dangerous work of reporters there gathering the “common soldiers” view of the war. Their work was canceled by “higher-ups” according to the letter. I hope the UN will intervene in this case, perhaps a misunderstanding or a case of “sibling rivalry” which had no criminal intent, i.e,, spying or stealing state secrets. North Korean Court Sentences US Journalists to 12 Years Hard Labor How I signed the petition online:
Journalism is an important part of the world that is under fire. The ability to have Asians reporting on Asian issues is needed. These young reporters, one, her sister is Lisa Ling, I recall who had already visited a North Korean family's apartment, I am sure meant no damage to North Korea, i.e., the taking of state secrets. One now hopes that the United Nations might help to negotiate their release and freedom, which might bring good publicity for the Koreans.
Free US journalists Euna Lee & Laura Ling

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