Wednesday, June 10, 2009

io9 - Hallmark's Captain Pike Figure Perfect As A Cake Topper For Your Three-Way Wedding - Star Trek

I sometimes wonder if Gene Roddenberry was considering the historical Zebulon Pike, when he created "Captain Pike" who survives. Zebulon Pike was blown up from the exploding "bombproof" when a "special" explosive being prepared, ignited prematurely, for the American invaders of Canada from Sackets Harbor, NY in near what later became Toronto, Ontario, Canada in the War of 1812.

The remains of the explorer of what became the American West ("Pike's Peak" found by him) placed in a barrel, were returned to Sackets Harbor then the largest military compound in the US and the cited "birthplace" of the American Navy, on the Great Lakes. A fence around the cemetery there, where chloroform was distilled and glucose made from potato starch was refined, both in 1831 by Samuel Guthrie, was originally part of Buckingham Palace provided to demonstrate our friendship since. Our American invasion was countered with the siege of Fort McHenry in Baltimore, MD and the burning of the White House in Washington, D.C.

…interesting reply or comment and response:

I think people later attributed it to him. It may have had no name or a native name or like Alaska, part of territory descriptions, the "Panhandle" apparently decided to include valleys that went along with "sighted" and described "peaks". Of course he might have had guidance like that commemorated on the current US gold dollar depicting "Sacajawea" who guided Lewis and Clark, who President Jefferson asked to look out for large mammoths, America's first science expedition, to excavate one west of Newburgh, New York. It was thought mammoths might be roaming in the West.

The previous Susan B. Anthony dollar was to show the woman who once posed as a man to vote in Upstate New York before women could vote, who was defended by judge Henry Selden. They named the town I went to school in after him, Selden, NY which I "found" to be the case much later.

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