Friday, June 05, 2009

Enjoy a flight that not even presidents can make! | Best Videos | RT

June 04, 2009, 01:48 The other day was the anniversary of Mr. Rust's invasion of Red Square. A number of years ago he caused quite a "stir" flying a small single engine plane into and landing in Moscow "under the radar" and was tried but treated very leniently. Maybe that's why no one can fly over it! I recall another incident a Czech built jet, bought by an Englishman, who was thought invading Russian airspace, but since it's maximum speed was only 300 miles per hour the interceptors had trouble waving it down when it slowed down! It's said that jet, thought bought by Saddam Hussein, red I think it was, was a possible WMD, i.e. a "weapon of mass destruction" and could be used to deliver bio-weapons. The surplus was sold to a British firm for people who wanted a small jet for $50,000 who had nerves of titanium I would think.

I've just started watching RT on WNBC in NYC from 8-9 am and have really enjoyed the space interviews the ISS crew and the Mars 500 this morning. It's not often we hear here in the US from taikonauts, cosmonauts, and astronauts. Someone here in US is getting married in 0 gravity on the jet that flies that way.

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