Saturday, May 16, 2009

New seal on the wall…

Years ago I met Leon Shenandoah who was the "ta-dah-deh-ho" "chief of chiefs" of the Iroquois and had a cup of sassafras tea at archaeologist Joel Grossman's loft in Manhattan, his grand-daughter the now famous Native singer. Maybe he was. She said his name also meant "head full of snakes" which maybe how the term "Iroquois" got started...derogatory French...the Algonquins once called them "real adders". I think that wasn't the Shinnecock also Algonquian, whose seal they put up with the seals of the seven incorporated villages on the Southampton Town wall the other day.

Later, I think a new "chief of chiefs" was Oren Lyons who spoke at a Syracuse U. commencement. I met him too once outside Grossman's office on 16th St. and Third Ave., he was on his way to testify at the United Nation's commission on the rights of indigenous peoples.

"Fat Tuesdays" across the street is where Les Paul used to play and they had this moving hologram of Dizzy Gillespie, as you walked by he would lower his trademark horn and smile as you looked back. Never seen a hologram again quite like it. Scheffel Hall it was once called and the author O. Henry (from the demolished Ohio Penitentiary...they think in Austin, Texas) William Sydney Porter used to frequent and write.
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