Monday, May 04, 2009

Slate: Choose Your Own Supreme Court Justice Out of our Top 20, whom do you like best?

I think Hillary Clinton, as a Yale Law graduate, and the only one of the recent politicians who has not had a deserved honorary mention from that school, would be a good Supreme Court judge because of her years of experience in government, from the Watergate hearings (with Liz Holtzman the only other woman there, who perhaps should have been appointed to replace her NY Senator seat) later as Arkansas' and then our First Lady, then New York's Senator, former Presidential candidate and now Secretary of State, she has experience.

She might finally get those "Skull and Bones" guys, Senator John Kerry and the former President George W. Bush rumored to be members (same debating coach for crying out loud!) a reason to listen to the petition and deliver the human remains they have in their possession to be returned as per law the former President George H.W. Bush signed. Isaac Allerton's remains, a Puritan who came over on the "Mayflower" were moved to the cemetery Yale University maintains. Let them stand and deliver and prove the reported bones they have are not his!

Her experience would also bring a working knowledge to opinions and to the criterion for selection of those cases that need to be heard. Not a judge currently employed, and a great statesperson, there would be very limited questionable "litmus tests" for her in the candidates debate. I think after the revelation of reactionary policies of incarceration and denial of due process, where the founders thought our documents and laws to be emulated and even promulgated to the rest of the world as THE basis for humane and equitable law, her appointment might also help to heal national and world opinion.

George J. Myers, Jr.

BA Anthropology, Stony Brook University 

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