Saturday, April 18, 2009

Yan Engines

I ran into this site again. I wonder why it’s not being developed, NASA gave it a merit prize. I once bought a used rotary from the head of a psychological counseling unit my sister worked for. A Mazda RX-4, I drove it and replaced the engine, then one day fried wiring in traffic on the FDR in one of the “tunnels” did it in. Made in Hiroshima, years before I had a “Visible Wankel” model which has come back as the RX-8. I once saw a street side display window full of the various sizes and types of rotary engines in Buffalo, NY. I drove it to and around Fort Drum, NY some and elsewhere after selling a ‘65 VW bug to a natural gas researcher at Stony Brook University. I’d driven the VW to Mississippi, New Orleans, Buffalo, NY, Boston, MA and elsewhere.

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