Friday, April 24, 2009

If Shakespeare were alive today..... - Telegraph

I would show him the archaeology of his theatre recently found, and the Globe reproduction helped to fruition by once "black-listed" American film director and actor, credited as the person most responsible for the modern recreation of it Sam Wanamaker. Also, take him to Governors Island in NYC to show him Fort Williams where it's proposed a theater in the round like the Globe be made of the circular brick fortress, where prisoners in the American Civil War were once held and later Walt Disney, AWOL, having just missed the steamboat. It's thought to be a wonderful place to put on Shakespeare's plays, a similar space Castle Clinton, across the harbor, it's "twin" already used in musical performance, it once the port of entry for very early immigrants in NYC once an island now in Battery Park. Then I'd take him to the Statue of Liberty where my grandmother Miss Gregory was once a nanny to the caretaker's kids, the first electrically lit lighthouse in the world.

Then I'd take him to "Guild Hall" in East Hampton out on Long Island where one of three plays "God" by Woody Allen is being read at the "Naked Stage Marathon" recently modernized this Sunday.

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