Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Clinton Says Iran Process on ‘Dual Tracks’ - Washington Wire - WSJ

The Israeli pilot who flew in the doomed NASA shuttle flight was part of an elite group of fighter jets who flew through international air-space as an errant jetliner on radar, to bomb the French built nuclear power plant in Iraq years ago. I am not sure how that has solved anything after the years, two “coalition” operations, the first my country the US as mercenaries for pay, the second under false pretenses, has solved anything? Until the students, mad at the Shah’ s Savak (secret police) spying on them at schools in the US, where by the way Israeli students have been expelled for spying since, and the Islamic clergy were allowed back in, after all the US put the shah system in in the 1930s, we had many US interests in Iran, for example the Grumman Corp. had 80 F-15 and over 3000 of its own employees there teaching the Shah’s air force how to fly and maintain what were once the US fleets mainstay fighter-bombers, the so-called “Tomcat”. The US did with it’s Aegis system, shoot down an Iranian commercial jetliner full of pilgrims for Mecca. We should try to find common ground before the whole area goes up in oil smoke again.

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