Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I Was Too Early on Solar Power -- Let's Not Be Too Late

Long Island has a Solar Day or did every year. One man recently, using electric torpedo motors, circumnavigated Long Island, NY on solar power alone. Out on the "North Fork" it was found to have the most days of sun per year in the state and the Hargrave vineyard, the first of now many, opened back in the 1970s, though the story goes of a Mr. Moses back in the 1600s was shown how to graft European vine to native root stock by the Rocky Point natives. Vineyards had been blown off in a hurricane in 1840. For some years Long Island summer cottages had water tanks on their roofs to warm water to wash up in (West Meadow beach) and it would be a good place for more solar energy use, and I read to happen when a large project comes online at the Brookhaven National Laboratory, in part a former WWI training camp where Irving Berlin wrote "Yip yip Yaphank" and other tunes. I once watched tiny turquoise samples go into a "reactor" there to be "neutron activated" for trace element analysis in the peaceful use of atomic energy to help determine origins of that material. Last I heard pyrite or "fools gold" has increased solar cell output efficiency dramatically. About Green Energy Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

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