Monday, December 15, 2008

Science or Garbage? - TierneyLab Blog - NYTimes

I once helped assist a 3rd grade class in the Branch Elementary School, Village of the Branch, NY in “One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure” as archaeologist. The school was one of the first in the US with a computer for kids, provided by Data General. I also observed a small alternative school in Bellport, NY on the former estate of G. Washington, a Brazilian marketer of an early “instant coffee” which had an early “modem” connected to Brookhaven National Lab’s computer for teaching. They used the films from Williamsburg, VA also once the grounds of sleep-away Camp Rockaway, in the “shadow” of the large landfill that was thought, without a liner to be leaching through the aquifer. The parents of the children had attended the Branch public school with their kids for the “dig” and I explained the field/woods “succession” and the deposits of previous occupation and surface geology, which had a different use prior to the school(s). I’m not sure how the concepts of “recycle” fits into the “local history” but it might also be acquired through local historical archaeology exposure?  Science or Garbage? - TierneyLab Blog - NYTimes.

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