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Sojourn in the Solum


Newfield H.S., Marshall Drive, Selden, NY. Advanced placement, Regents scholarship. 1970.

Suffolk County Community College, Selden, NY. Entered the “Marine Technology” program. It needed a bigger boat than the "J. Alfred Prufrock" a Boston Whaler and a donated 23' cabin cruiser. 1970-71.
SUNY at Buffalo/Amherst, Buffalo, NY. “Visual and Performing Arts” residential college, one of many then a few in different fields, i.e, College B, I attended, pre-med, Vico College history, math, women's studies, radicalism, to name most of the alphabet to fit into the plan of the new dormitories on the new North Campus, Amherst, NY where New York State's only Law School was also opening. College B had a satellite at Oakstone Farm, philosophy and A.C.T., the American Contemporary Theater in the city. Dormitory construction behind schedule found commitment in what was an educational philosophy struggle, tiring. 1973-1975.

"Field School In Long Island Prehistory" Team taught with Richard M. Gramly, PhD, the future NYC Landmarks Commission archaeologist and others in Mt. Sinai, NY and visits to other important sites in NY and New Hampshire. 1977.

SUNY at Stony Brook, Stony Brook, NY. BA Anthropology 1978.

SUNY at Stony Brook, Graduate School in Anthropology, 1978-1981. PhD candidate, 51 credits.

Interests: The marine environment and the people who live in it. I investigated the Captain Brewster Hawkins house in Setauket, NY when building upgrades in the Brookhaven Town Historic District had old artifacts showing up in the backyard of the "ship chandlers" thought circa 1840. Setauket was settled in the mid-17th century by mostly Charles River, Massachusetts colonists then. Setauket has so much history, it was once the location of the headquarters of the Society for the Preservation of Long Island Antiquities (SPLIA, since relocated). Brewster Hawkins was important in reviving shipbuilding there and resulting industry in Port Jefferson in the 1840s. He built the infamous luxury yacht "Wanderer" that his son Thomas Hawkins was its captain for a year then sold to a Louisiana cotton merchant's broker. Fitted with water tanks in Port Jefferson for trans-Atlantic travel, it became the "last slaver". Boarded by British Navy slavery blockade around 1858, apparently thought an innocent wealthy voyage, it delivered hundreds of the surviving illegal slaves to Jekyll Island, Georgia, that are commemorated there in a large iron cauldron they were fed from. The plaque citation was changed in the early 1960s to "Setauket" from "Port Jefferson" due to the research of a family ascendant (on file in the Emma S. Clark Library). From that large iron cauldron on Jekyll Island they were fed before further enslaved, transported elsewhere. "Wanderer" was a "chess piece" in the ensuing American Civil War, first as a fast blockade runner, after capture, a mail packet in the Union. It sank in a storm off the east coast of Cuba, on Cape Maisi, (Christopher Columbus' "Maysi") located in Guantánamo Province after the civil war, working in the fruit trade. Some of my family live on Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick, Canada, in the entrance to the Bay of Fundy, often home to five species of whales. My family, from a homestead in Castalia there, once had a house in North Head, sold to teachers, and one in Seal Cove, next to the schoolhouse. Seal Cove was first settled by an American, a Dr. Faxon, in the early 19th century, who reportedly built the islands' first "square-rigger". He moved back to Maine over personal patriotic conflicts in the resulting War of 1812, in part, fought over the "repatriation" of American seamen seized at sea for the British Navy.Languages Studied: High school and college Spanish, some college Portuguese and many in undergrad and grad school Linguistics.Specialized Training: Self-taught in personal computers, computer-aided drafting, geomatics and informatics. 1983 to present.
"Health and Safety for Hazardous Waste Site Investigation Personnel." 1989. Certificate. Bellevue Hospital, NYC class.
Prometric Technologies, Inc., Ontario, Canada, RolleiMetric MR2® close-range photogrammetry. 1989-1994. Various locations.
"Waste Site Health and Safety for Supervisors." 1990. Certificate. Raritan, NJ class.
"Health and Safety Operations at Hazardous Materials Sites." 1990. Certificate. Westchester Fire Training Center, Elmsford, NY.
"Health and Safety Operations at Hazardous Materials Sites." 1991. Certificate. Same location.

Current Organization Membership:

Council for Northeast Historical Archaeology
The Society for Industrial Archeology, Roebling Chapter.
The Planetary Society

Professional Experience in Archaeology: On request

Other Work Experience:

1981 New York Public Interest Group (NYPIRG) St. James, NY. Summertime subscription sales door-to-door of "Public Citizen".
1980 General Contracting employee, house expansion, remodel, etc., laborer, Stony Brook, NY.
1980 Tootsie Taxi, Stony Brook Rail Road Station, nights, Stony Brook, NY.
1980 Middle Country School District, Centereach, NY. Substitute teacher in Social Studies, night janitor Unity Drive School.
1979-1981 Cleaner, SUNY, Stony Brook, NY. Weekends.
1976-1979 Gym Security work study, SUNY, Stony Brook, NY. Weekends 3 years.
1975-1978 Leaseway Trucking, Cleveland, Ohio. Furniture delivery and warehousing for Abraham & Strauss in Brooklyn, NY. Nights, temp.
1976 Summer Brookhaven Town Parks Employee, Coram, NY. Four day labor lottery winner.
1973-1974 United Parcel Service, NY, NY. Furniture warehousing and delivery from Roosevelt Field, NY. Nights and seasonal, temp.
1973-1974 Inter-Residential Council at SUNY Buffalo as the new Amherst Campus opened, North Campus Coordinator, Resident Advisor in new residential education architecture.
1973 Residential education recruitment office work-study, SUNY, Buffalo, NY. Summer.
1970 Gasser & Sons, Inc. Brentwood, NY. Lathe operator. Transportation problems.
1970-1971 Zum Zum Restaurant, Smithaven Mall, NY, cook and night manager, a "Bavarian theme" fast-food franchise of Restaurants Associates, Inc., NY.
1968 Wetsons, Inc., NY. Fast food, started by Margaux Hemingway's husband, Lake Grove, NY.
1968 Timber Lake Camp, Allaben, NY. Summer dishwasher.

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