Saturday, February 09, 2008

Early computer graphics (first CAD was for sewers in Puerto Rico, IBM)

Back in the 1980s I started in computer graphics for archaeology even got to 3D photogrammetry with Rollei for awhile until about 1994 everything went out of kilter I guess, working in HAZMAT sites. The boss went on to work in LIDAR and some other quick recording technologies being developed, laser imaging "clouds" of points. There was a shootout between Rollei method and the Lidar in the Center For the Study of Architecture ( or something at Bryn Mawr and the recently knighted (in Holland) director of "Starship Troopers" had tried the Rollei but the digitized "caves" let some of the monsters lose their feet in the walls so he then went to Lidar to digitize the cave interiors. Rollei is used in accident investigations or other even geological recordation like petroglyphs of natives in Canada perhaps with Sitting Bull at Bighorn in Moosejaw? Don't know. One was a weird standing wind carved column that had spiral engraving "writings" around it that was found out in the desert out west (Canada or US I don't know). The company was from Canada working in it for awhile as they were an AutoCad partner as it went back then, Autodesk buying ideas and procedures perhaps. I really enjoyed AutoCad on a 48" GTCO tablet and the 8x10 photos for digitizing 3D with a multi-button magnifier "puck" after registering the photos and digitizing the "reseau" crosses (maybe you've seen some of those from space, little crosses in the photo help keep the documentation of the lens (aberrations, distortion, parallax perspective etc.) and the measure form the drawing distances in the field of view. Like he said they should have run in front of the lens on the Moon saying "scary monsters...scary monsters" and there might have been more interest! (from the Eddy Izzard routine).

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