Thursday, January 03, 2008

Wind power can be deadly - Topix

I once read a patent on an alternative standing "wing" design. Even in cross section, a long slot on both sides of the standing wing creates suction when wind passes over it, (used in aircraft for auxiliary power in the air). The "slots" are connected (Bernoulli effect) to a turbine and as the air suction is applied to a turbine connected to a generator, power is created at a distance, on the ground, connected by piping rather than the generator in the air on "modern" wind farm designs. I seem to recall the author thought it would only work in deserts (water's a problem I guess) and a bank of these standing wings could be stood in opportune areas. I was just on an archaeology survey to expand the Deerfield Windfarm on Green Mountain National Forest land in Vermont the only one on federal property in the US to my knowledge. Given a foot in the door, smaller windmills will be added to with wingspans equal to the wings of 747 aircraft. Interesting area outside Bennington, Vermont where the White House "Christmas" tree came from this year, also the ho, ho, ho Green Mountain Forest's 75th anniversary.

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