Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Virgin Galactic Unveils Design For SpaceShipTwo

Steve Fossett would have been thrilled. I spent time online looking for him looking through Amazon TURK images. I would hope a similar on demand hyperspectral imagery might someday aid search-and-rescue, on this platform, perhaps. The overlays I saw of satellite imagery were not “registered” and one-over-another, showed off locations. If it’s what’s used in military intelligence, it should somehow be stopped, though Italy was invaded after the photogrammatic coverage by the German High Command, and they knew where every building was. I worked for a short time in close-range photogrammetry with a Rollei system in archaeology. Canada looked into it after a US military crash in Gander, Newfoundland got them a drubbing from the US, because it was not recorded before the blizzard came, I was taught, while due to language misunderstandings, Avianca 052 crashed nearby on Cove Neck, NY after it ran out of fuel. The Rollei system would allow measurable 3D distances from photos, “photogrammetric” from helicopter flyover after operator and desktop programming with documented optics, why not “edge-of-space” photogrammetry? Virgin Galactic Unveils Design For SpaceShipTwo

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