Wednesday, January 16, 2008

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"Update: Swift-boating John McCain in South Carolina" George Myers said... I walked into my employers office and there were photos from the possible Amelia Earhart "crash site" island and the people involved. There was also a brochure of people who wanted to bring up former President H.W. Bush's airplane from beneath the sea, lost in WWII. I worked for an archaeologist. I recall at the time that there was OpEd "flak" from someone who served in George HW Bush's air group contesting the official story, said it not correct and there was a responsibility of the former flier, Yale "Skull and Bones" member, CIA director, Vice and then President's version denied, according to his fellow veterans. Anyway TIGHAR is still looking for Earhart and Noonan, and I spent a lot of time on line looking for Steve Fossett. I wonder if they had given back allegedly, Geronimo's skull and all (others?) if this apparent Yale U. feud would have happened (alumni Bushes, Clintons, John Kerry, Ralph Nader, et al.) and if it doesn't inspire more of them?

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