Saturday, December 15, 2007

Newsvine - Brad Pitt Stars in New Orleans Recovery

One of the tragedies of the Katrina hurricane (I was once in one that fizzed out in August 1979, the following year on a Greyhound bus through the swirling ash of Mt. St. Helens working as a "shovelbum" in archaeology, which was done first by people of color in the TVA building era) was of the abandonment of pets in the Dome. Any who made it there had to leave all their pets there when the buses left an overlooked fact in the media at the time. Often there has to be built a canal or dam to get things done it seems. The government built a barge canal across the state of Mississippi to connect water from the Tennessee River with the Gulf of Mexico at Mobile, Alabama when given a choice in Congress, that or an "energy island" for NYC. I can't fathom why it can't help something like this project. It's a lot cheaper than the aircraft carrier Congressman Trent Lott had to have built in Mississippi.

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