Sunday, December 02, 2007

Army Social Scientists Calm Afghanistan, Make Enemies at Home

How ironic (BA Anthropology) in the 1970's we had 4000 Grumman employees in Iran, training F-14 crews and pilots for the Shah or Iran with 80 jets with secret air-to-air missiles and the ability to acquire six(6) targets on the ground there. I was watching "Ishi" with the F-14 test pilot and his wife, an anthropologist, when after the student led takeover of our US Embassy in Tehran (over Savak spying in the US on them it was alleged, not President Reagan's family Bible given to the Ayatollah after "order" was restored) we "interrupt this program to announce we would blow up all the F-14s if the USSR moves toward the Iran border" and what has resulted since then. Maybe we should be looking at ourselves (US) and who allowed the balance of power to include the sale of F-14s to another country, Iran (77 are still there). President Carter had some strategic decision, send in a fleet size number against, arguably, ourselves.

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