Thursday, October 25, 2007

E! Online Insider Community: Jon Voight: Heartbroken Over Angelina, ...

Perhaps it is because she was conceived while Jon Voight was playing in Tennessee Williams' "A Streetcar Named Desire" in Buffalo, NY as Stanley Kowalski (1974)? As I recall two young women came to me and my room-mate and insisted we were in the wrong seats and we had to watch the rest of the performance standing as I recall in the now landmarked theater district (NY State Urban Cultural Park). I did later live in Columbus, Mississippi for a short time in 1979, working near the Waverly Plantation (albino peacocks and Honeybee Hendrix's bees) on the archaeology of the new barge canal, now in Mr. Williams' hometown, running from the Tennessee River to Mobile, Alabama.

Well it was a long time ago, Jon Voight was in "Streetcar" in Buffalo, NY and Buffalo is a lot better today than then (was 15% unemployment, no steel anymore, a subway now instead of a proposed "West Side Highway," a Polish pope since, a new campus and law school in Amherst, the Center for Inquiry for secular humanism, the "police riot" at Attica has worn off a bit, the noted anti-war activism ended, etc.) so it has changed quite a bit. Mr. Voight has been in many interesting roles since, the play I mentioned and the movie starring Marlon Brando had very different endings. I never meant to imply that she's not his, they are both very talented actors in my opinion and wish the best for both of them. They've both been in very interesting artistic "milestones" in cinema, which I was studying on Bailey Ave., next to the campus and Frank Sinatra, Jr.'s "haunt", the "Media Center", one summer tried to turn Buffalo into the Hollywood of the East. Thanks for the comment.

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