Tuesday, April 10, 2007

American myth, American reality

Imus, Soupy Sales, Howard Stern were all controversial, and/or on the radio, a part of American myth and American reality. The last I heard of Howard Stern and Robin his African-American co-host, was on the morning he made some reference to the topless photos of the so-called "captured" woman POW in Iraq who was treated by an Iraqi doctor after a terrible vehicle crash the media and the DOD made into a valiant ambush and battle. I suspect, Ms. Quivers, once in the Air Force she that day stated, parted with Mr. Stern, who does and says a lot more on the radio than Imus. Is the FCC becoming "Big Brother" Federal "Censorship" Commission? If so maybe it should start with the American controlled Internet. Posted by georgejmyers at 12:40 PM : Apr 10, 2007 Imess - Public Eye

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