Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Parking Fines Have Been Raised Too High Here In The Bronx ($55 Alt. Side $105 Dbl. Park)

Comment on: "The Wrong Tools" CBS news reporter Lou Young's blog entry on the Sean Bell shooting.

Hello, I wanted to respond to the new military, berets made in China, Berettas in Washington, DC (at least the last time the Society for Industrial Archeology met there they had a tour of their factory) reference in your blog. I think they should have chose Beretta when they decided to change over back I think during Kerik-time, before 9/11 and around when the State Comptroller McCall requested the City books, when then Mayor Giuliani would not saying it was "political" as McCall (an African-American also maybe NY State's first in that role) was running for governor.

I worked around City Hall Park a number of times and was always upset, (the Federal Suffolk County Court used to be held in the Tweed Courthouse by the way, probably where the decision around 1910 that the Montaukett were not a "tribe" and their lands taken from them, today some still live in the Mid-West and return to visit, see some of the publications of the Suffolk County Archaeological Association (SCAA) I once met with and worked for members of) passing by the Mayor's "Communications Room" back then. He had three people watching the cable TV and reading the newspapers for info about the city, which seems, when he has had aims at higher office, was like free research from taxpayers money. He once while I was excavating burials in City Hall Park (summer 1999) had flown the State of Arkansas flag over City Hall while visiting there, which was funny our boss was from there. Then Speaker Vallone made sure another mayor could not call up and have the same thing performed again.

Looking in the Beretta catalog I see a number of pistols of various sizes and 22LR Conversions. My Dad took a .32 Beretta away from an Italian officer when fighting in Italy during WWII as a 81 mm mortar man. A contractor repairman took it out of the house, however, it had had the firing pin removed. I used to shoot targets at a range with a .22LR Remington rifle, my mother once bought for a squirrel hunting trip that never transpired.

I'm not that familiar with this case though I had once 240 plus cases brought by me as a grand jury foreperson July, 1998 in the Borough of the Bronx, many "buy and busts" for $5 and $10 officers posing (entrapping?) as druggies to get some crack. One Muslim, a Mr. Shabbaz, perhaps Malcolm X's son, in my old neighborhood at the Patterson Houses in the South Bronx "projects" took the $5 or $10 to buy the pretty woman a beer instead was promptly beaten, arrested and charged with theft, he actually trying to win the woman over to Islam perhaps. She sued the City Police Dept. for forcing her into these "acting" roles against her will perhaps.

So, what if they had put a "Denver lock" on the wheel of the car? Do you think the occupants would have started shooting at the detectives?

George Myers

(There's a locked tunnel under the park that connects City Hall with the Tweed Courthouse. The burials are in front of and perhaps under the Horace Greeley bronze sitting statue in the vicinity of the Joseph Pulitzer monument we've been forced out of viewing see the latest Village Voice. The statue of Nathan Hale has been moved from the NW corner of the park near Chambers St. which I've worked literally in, to the front of City Hall, across the street from Benjamin Franklin's statue in front of Pace University. He was captured in Connecticut, brought to Huntington, where there is another statue and where I also worked shortly in that cemetery the British Army turned into Fort Golgotha in the Revolution, before taken to Manhattan and hung at a still unknown location his body also not known where he was buried. A cenotaph or marker is on his homestead in Connecticut, visited by tourists and travelers).

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