Monday, March 05, 2007

"The Media Often Has Its Own Script" - Public Eye

That's sort of a shame, now that he's the "minority" justice and only Justice Ginsberg is the only woman on the bench, ("...a travesty of a mockery of a sham" - Woody Allen). We could use better examples of equality before the law as we wrestle with statistics reported, i.e., disproportionate Mexican-American and Chicano casualties in the Vietnam Conflict (never declared a war by Congress), the NBC network sued by it's former head general, General Westmoreland, over a news statistics of it, and the new "National Guard" commitments overseas of whom only 7000 in 10 years ever even saw Vietnam. Historically, their original role was to protect the new republic, executive and judicial branches in New York City, before the Bill of Rights guaranteed state militias.

Fort Jay, on Governors Island, (originally to be had for $1 from then President Clinton, then Congress wanted 1/2 billion for) was built in tribute to the first Chief Supreme Court justice (and "Jay Treaty" ending the Revolutionary War), John Jay. We could use some case work on the War Powers Act too, the Republican "tar baby" complained over yet the biggest users of (Panama, Grenada, Irak (Spanish spelling), Somalia, Nicaragua, spraying in Columbia, and other places). Then again maybe former NY Senator Moynihan was right (ran against by Republican Bernadette Castro, who I was surprized did not then run against Hillary Clinton) its time to make the CIA answer to the government or shut the WWII created business down.

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Source: "The Media Often Has Its Own Script" - Public Eye

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