Thursday, March 22, 2007

It had four small tires on the front...

If you think of the government as a huge (like "Terrell" in "Blade Runner") corporation that supplies a needed service like "electricity" or for that matter "justice" and the "theft" of that service "criminal tampering" (stealing "juice") which is a felony in New York State, not that I'm advocating it, then if "justice" has been stolen by the firing of duly appointed attorneys to investigate what has been cited as the worst Congress ever, the last one, the 109th, for corruption (for bribes, has already been proved, and who knows what else, stretching back to the "energy" meetings requested and denied to the OMB) I am afraid "private" hearings might result in a "perfect" deflection from the discovery of a possible series of "criminal tamperings".

White House Standoff: A Way Out - Couric & Co.

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