Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Blog | Bennet Kelley: Colin Powell, Where Have You Gone? | The Huffington Post

I enjoyed the article it was respectful of a man placed in a role he must perform if asked, and like hearing DNA has discovered who the "unknown soldier" is and another now in probably his place.

I once studied social anthropology, i.e., how kinship is organized in different societies and how taboo and totem if you will is proscribed. I wanted to study incest statistics at the UN and after parking next to the then Idi Amin Ugandan Embassy, was told I'd need a Ph.D. or letter from one to do the research. I feel for General Powell in that he was probably set-up at the UN, by his better ethics. It was after all, 1) after Edwin Newman had read as a eulogy in the UN chapel for a TV producer and NBC director of "Huntley & Brinkley" and Korean War Army Captain, George Murray from the Bronx, who had to cancel a long investigative effort by a crew of reporters in Vietnam during that "war" to get the common soldiers view, canceled by "higher-ups" and 2) after the general in command of US troops in Vietnam (and Thailand and apparently Cambodia and Laos), General Westmoreland, sued the entire NBC network for its retrospective report on the Vietnam "debacle" for millions over alleged "body count" manipulations for the media. He settled for an undisclosed amount.

Given these and other constraints, the kid from "Banana Kelly" (a turn in the road in the South Bronx where I'm also once from, the rest of NYC is on islands) had to do what he had to do, and at least we can all sort of see what we see. Report: Iraqi defector safe in Germany WASHINGTON, March 14 (UPI) -- The Iraqi defector who gave U.S. intelligence fabricated stories about Iraqi biological weapons that led to the war is living in Germany, ABC News reported.

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