Monday, February 19, 2007 News - UK - Families gather to honour pardoned soldiers

As the grandson of Lawrence Urquhart who served in the Canadian Scottish Highlanders (ed. - The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada) in WWI, gassed in the trenches, and perhaps maybe the youngest Canadian in it, (ed. - no "The Regiment's first casualty in the Great War was Private Gordon Betts. He was accidentally killed on 14 August, 1914 while on sentry duty at the Soulanges Canal. Private Betts was 14 years old.") from Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick, the only officially bilingual province in Canada, I thought and think this is a good idea. When we look back at the origins of neuro-science we see the doctors (Freud, et al) involved in these very problems brought about by war neuroses and I dare say, as shown on the "telly" the rise of Adolf Hitler.

In America we executed as many as thirty of our own in the War of 1812 at Sacketts Harbor on Lake Ontario in New York (not the whole New York regiment who refused to invade Canada however) for infractions as slight as falling asleep on guard duty, and our system of military justice has evolved into a universal one for all the services. However, the mental screening of suitable soldiers was and may still be based on a cross-section of mostly Minnesota agriculturalists, that needs to be adjusted for the mostly now urban population centers, which some argue, depending on conditions, lead to more "neuroses". A study of a Manhattan block using a battery of tests was once funded and so concluded.

Source: News - UK - Families gather to honour pardoned soldiers

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