Friday, February 09, 2007

New FedEx garage: Few jobs, lots of fumes?

By Jess Wisloski DAILY NEWS Staff Writer

Breaking ground for new FedEx facility. Some say it will bring South Bronx more congestion than jobs.

A major company moving into the Bronx is usually good news, but that wasn't so clear yesterday.

City officials and executives from FedEx broke ground on a 10-acre site that will bring less than a dozen new jobs over the next three years and a fleet of fume-spewing diesel trucks into the asthma-choked South Bronx.

The move, however, was hailed by city officials as good news for Manhattan.

Source and more info: NY Daily News published Feb. 9, 2007

It's too bad the newspaper print recycling center proposed in the same vicinity was squashed by the City and "world events" (See: Bronx Ecology: Blueprint For A New Environmentalism, Allen Hershkowitz, Maya Lin et al). Also FedEx should have the same standards as United Parcel Service, its competitor, which has used electric vehicles for many years in mid-Manhattan and wins awards for pollution control and fuel savings, where its being moved from. As a matter of policy, we should have environmental officers like Los Angeles does who are out studying the environment every day and more reporting that relies on city management and not on benefactors such as hospitals, etc., who provide info gratis, so law could be established from science as health codes have in the past with public citizen support.

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