Sunday, February 04, 2007

George Bush's "State of the Union"

C-SPAN recently stated that they have no control over the television coverage of the voting in the Congress, and Mr. Lamb stated there is a large board on which you can see, as the voting on a bill is tallied, who and how they voted on it, kept from the audience on cable. We should have the information.

Similarly if they showed the President knocking on the door of the Congress, they don't have to let him in (one commentator thought they shouldn't for all the doors that have to be knocked on to tell families their loved one has died in service to their country, not his) and we were spared the long broadcast "signing" of "autographs" (like he just played for the American Basketball Association) we would have more time for information. What did he leave out? Time is money on TV, "dead air" and heads roll, maybe not on government TV?

(Comment to Huffington Post The Blog | Chris Kelly : "George Bush Throws a Veteran Under a Train")

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