Wednesday, February 21, 2007

"A Bill Arrives In The Mail"

As someone employed in federal, state, local and other "public" archaeology for the last yikes near 30 years, one thing that has always remained in the forefront of preservation and archaeology has been the State of Arkansas, which has helped set standards for others where they have been lacking. As the former governor and President from Arkansas and now also a New Yorker, he is only the second President to have addressed the New-York Historical Society, just a few months, unfortunately, before 9/11/01. His talk there gave me some solace after that tragic day and as he has been active in New York (friends of the Dakota, where the Lennon's and the Guthrie's live) and a resident with New York's Senator Hillary Clinton (named by her Mom after the famous New Zealand explorer Edmund Hillary who once spoke to my 3rd grade class) he is fortunately still here with his office in Harlem and his many friends and admirers, thanks to surgery at a Manhattan hospital it's once future site I visited when some archaeological materials were found in the excavation.

Horace Greeley also a resident of Chappaqua, a New Hampshire native and New York publisher, and once also a Presidential candidate, said "Go west young man and grow up with the country". His statue I watched cleaned in City Hall Park excavating the burials of the "First Almshouse" there in NYC in 1999, and I think he would have laughed when the former Mayor Giuliani had the flag of Arkansas flown over City Hall while visiting in Arkansas.

Source: "A Bill Arrives In The Mail" Couric & Co

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