Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Wired: Sex Drive Daily: MySpace Hands Over Sex Offender Database

Why don't they put the pxxxography in the area where at least one could point a finger at it? As it is now, it's part of the "collective conscious" of people using the world wide web and needs to be somewhere appropriate. If it were maybe the day to day assaults on network security might lower as a hypothetical. Is there any "entrapment" safeguards in place here? Yet I've heard insistently that the "pxxx" (which you can't spell in title or message in Windows "Live Spaces" without being popped up objectionally even if you are discussing it as herein) is the money maker that made the Internet. It took the United Nations to wrest away "JethroTull.com" from an alleged teenager who wanted $5000 for it. Some lines should be drawn for our own safety.

Source: Wired News Blog

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