Sunday, January 07, 2007

Unlikely Freshman - Couric & Co.

New Hampshire is the state that I think gave the Republican primary to Pat Buchanan over now President Bush and whose government officials serve for an honorarium versus a salary. It's also where after the "eminent domain" decision by the US Supreme Court, the town banded together to take Justice Souter's house in "eminent domain". It formerly had a woman governor, a Democrat, but had gone back to calling that position "His Excellency" again. New Hampshire Governor Wentworth became the Governor of Nova Scotia after the American Revolution, the only British politician to "survive" it. I hope she does well for their state, which has been an interesting political arena, still the first in the Presidential Primary. Neighbor Maine is reforming its Electoral College distribution from "all for one and all ye rest stand aside" to represent the actual popular vote and hopefully so will go the nation.

Source: Unlikely Freshman - Couric & Co.

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