Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Newsvine - Hillary vs. The Field

In 150 words or less: Question: How does Hillary Clinton's entrance into the 2008 presidential race most impact both the overall shape, as well as the final outcome of the race?

Structurally, a Senator Clinton as President, is a better choice than state governors, which we have had a number of. And since we couldn't have a Vice-President due to the individual state-legislated Electoral College votes distribution which has fallaciously established that both heads-of-state have to come from the same party, despite the People, it would return a Federal employee to a Federal office and some states are changing that populous inequality.

State governors perhaps don't have as much experience with the competition in the multi-laden "bills" among the States. Federally they are not one "bill" but a number of unrelated bargaining proposals between competing states by which often "backroom" politics and the lobbyists on K Street put the thumbscrews to the People. As any governor might tell you, governors like the Bushes have often gotten their way within the apparatus of a State. Elect a woman president for the world. (150 words)

Source: Newsvine - Hillary vs. The Field

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